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PlayStation 3

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PlayStation 3

Post  PhilN on Mon Nov 10, 2008 5:23 pm

Back in May 2008, something happened. MY 60gb PS3 stopped reading any disc, thats PS3 games, Blu Rays, PS2 games, dvds, cds, ps1 games. So I phoned up Sony the following day, told them and they sent out a 'reconditioned unit' but it was not a reconditioned unit as all the ports are tight, it has to be a new unit, one of the last 60gb ps3s. so if you have a 60gb PS3 and your serial number starts with 03, then the lazer is not as good as others. My new 60gb PS3 is an 08 and it is also insured with Sony's Contiuous Play, just in case. A month before my orginal 60gb died I brought a 40gb PS3, so I had something to play my PS3 games on. Most of the time I use my 40gb PS3 now, as it is easier to replace (GAME extended warrrenty) as the 60gb PS3 is now a rare beast. 60gb is for when I really show off what a PS3 can do..... HDMI cable, GT5 Prologue and MGS4 are used on it. 40gb is through the HD component cable. I'm bored so I thought I'll tell you all about this. Has anyone else had problems with there consoles, or like to do the same and say when they got there PS3s. Don't be shy.


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Got mine to sell on.

Post  Eeen on Tue Nov 11, 2008 5:04 am

I bought two , hoping to sell one and keep one. At the time new consoles were in short supply and pre orders of PS3's were really high. Thought I'd make a killing.
Sold the first one for a small profit, and actually didn't want the second one as I played on the PC Quite a bit and never bothered with the PS2 very much that I had. This one cost £429 and I had a reserve of £399, It didn't fetch the reserve so I ended up keeping it. Never used it for a few months then decided one day to see what it could do. So got it out of its box and never looked back. It's a extreamly rare 80 gb model with 6 usb ports. There were only 2000 made so its probably worth a few quid to a collector.

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Post  PhilN on Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:55 pm

take a few pics and post them on here, or e-mail them, i want to see it


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Re: PlayStation 3

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